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About the experience

Located in the heart of DTLA, The HRB Experience is revered by Chef Marni Sandico. After becoming a Chef in 1997, He studied several disciplines including French gastronomy before finding his passion for sushi. He has now been working for many years to master this delicate craft.

Omakase Reservation

Omakase Dinner

$120.00 per person

Select Wednesdays of the month



Chef Marni’s Omakase Experience involves sitting back, relaxing and enjoying all while he prepares a playful take on nigiri and other fine delicacies from the sea. This experience is beyond just a traditional sushi counter experience, except now you can expect surprising twists on beloved classics. The HRB Omakase Experience features 7 extensive courses and up to 20 unique pieces. Join us for a special Japanese dining experience curated to exceed your expectations.

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